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Winter 2019 postings accepted:


Work Term Start Date
Fall: Now! 
Winter: January 2/19

The Carleton Co-op Advantage

Carleton University’s Co-op Program has been supporting employers and organizations worldwide for over 25 years. We have 149 degree programs, streams and concentrations with dynamic students available for work year-round.

Flexible work terms
Students can work for periods of 4, 8, 12 and 16 months depending on their program and year of study. Carleton’s longer, flexible work terms allow employers to gain a higher level of productivity from their co-op students.

High academic standards
Carleton’s students must achieve and maintain a high academic average in order to participate in the co-operative education program. Employers have access to the highest performing students Carleton can offer. Employers can also be assured that these students have received training and preparation for work terms from our mandatory COOP 1000 course.

Talent pipeline
Co-op students are ready to work, and can make a positive contribution to a company's bottom line. Hiring co-op students is a great way to evaluate future potential employees. Students bring a fresh perspective to an organization, along with current skills and knowledge from their academic program.

Co-operative Education Tax credit
Private companies in Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec may be eligible for a tax credit equal to a percentage of the student’s salary. All of Carleton’s co-op programs are eligible for the tax credit

Continuous process
We have a continuous process throughout each recruitment cycle. We do not use a rank/match system or have job posting "rounds", so our employers are not bound by rigid dates and deadlines. 

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