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Hiring a Carleton co-op student creates a positive business education partnership as well as an investment in your community’s future.
This is a great opportunity for employees to offer their mentorship and guidance to those who are just beginning their careers.​

The Student Work Placement (SWP) Program provides federal funding to employers to hire co-op students

Hire bright, motivated co-op students for 4, 8, 12 or 16 months
New Grads
Build your talent pipeline with fresh ideas and in-demand skills

Hire Carleton students for part-time and seasonal needs  
Hire Carleton students for part-time and seasonal needs  
Learn about options for recruiting talented interns at Carleton
Engage Students
Meet students at Carleton's career fairs, events and more
Funding Solutions
Employer Grants, Subsidies and Tax Credits 
Carleton University Accessible Experiential Learning Project
Carleton University, Canada's Capital University, is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Hire co-op students, new grads, or register for on-campus career events.
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